Take advantage of production that is always under control thanks to personalized indicators, in real time, reflecting the health status and commitment rate of your production tools.

  • Complete vision of your machine fleet.
  • Control of your installations by means of alerts issued at the right time, to the competent persons and only if necessary.
  • Choice of the most appropriate graphic representations within a rich and extensible library to facilitate the understanding of your teams.
  • Measure your performance in real time :
    • Production indicators: OEE, availability, etc…
    • Maintenance indicators: MTBF, MTTR, etc....
    • Detailed analyses of the observed phenomena.
  • Creation of tailor-made indicators adapted to your environment.
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Benefit from a state-of-the-art method to maximize the detectability of weak signals that indicate failures.

This method is carried out in three stages, with the support of our teams :

  • Elaboration of a functional breakdown of your systems to prioritize organs according to failures and target root causes.
  • Characterization of fault propagation to determine the type and optimal placement of sensors on your installations.
  • Integration of constraints into the development of the instrumentation plan:
    • Sensor costs
    • Accessibility
    • Stock
    • Detectability



Anticipate, plan and organize around a failure and no longer suffer productivity losses:

  • Real-time processing of your machine data thanks to our embedded systems.
  • Modeling of failures and development of a model to solve the problem defined upstream.
  • Capturing weak signals as a precursor to failures and accurately characterizing them using the most advanced signal processing algorithms.
  • Calculates the time between you and an incident or failure.
  • Control of spare parts consumption.
  • Intervention of the teams concerned before an incident occurs thanks to alerts issued only when necessary.
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Improve your competitiveness by targeting excellence and control of your production processes.

  • After training and learning process, our models identify the most influent influential parameters.
  • Improvement of process repeatability control to ensure the conformity of your finished products.
  • Determination of the most appropriate recipes, recommended in real time.
  • Decrease drastically the number of scrapped parts.



Maximize the use of the master parts of your production tools without risking their breakage.

  • Calculation of the real time before the breakage of a tool according to its use.
  • Detection of anomalies before your tools degrade.
  • Planning their replacement at the most favourable time.
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Fives CortX partners with Visiativ to offer you the Up&Run platform that combines the power of predictive maintenance and enhanced dashboards with a complete maintenance service ecosystem.

  • Control of all interventions in a simple and instantaneous way.
  • Planning and follow-up of your interventions.
  • Management of mobile staff.
  • Online ordering of spare parts.
  • Simplification of communication and the taking into account of interventions through an automated ticketing tool.